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A Youth Ministry Podcast with Kyle Gray and Josh Paulhamus

Welcome to Stacking Chairs: A Youth Ministry Podcast all about serving in Youth Ministry. Whether it be youth group or youth camp, whatever God has you serving in, that’s what we’re here talking about. Join us, Josh and Kyle, as we talk through some of the burning, practical questions facing those in youth ministry. We don’t have it all figured out, but let’s learn and explore this side of ministry together! Join our community of those serving in youth ministry @stackingchairspod through Instagram and Facebook. A Word of Life podcast.

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Image for Episode 1 – What is the Purpose of Youth Ministry?

Episode 1 – What is the Purpose of Youth Ministry?

3/8/2022 09:03

Discipleship Evangelism Purity

In this episode, we ask the question "what really is the purpose of youth ministry?" Join us, Kyle and Josh, as we explore this question and kickstart this podcast!