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A Youth Ministry Podcast with Kyle Gray and Josh Paulhamus

Welcome to Stacking Chairs: A Youth Ministry Podcast all about serving in Youth Ministry. Whether it be youth group or youth camp, whatever God has you serving in, that’s what we’re here talking about. Join us, Josh and Kyle, as we talk through some of the burning, practical questions facing those in youth ministry. We don’t have it all figured out, but let’s learn and explore this side of ministry together! Join our community of those serving in youth ministry @stackingchairspod through Instagram and Facebook. A Word of Life podcast.

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Image for Ep. 22 Unpacking Deep Truths

Ep. 22 Unpacking Deep Truths

7/19/2022 04:07


What exactly are deep truths and how do we unpack them for a younger audience? Cameron Triggs helps us talk through this topic this week and shares some great insight!

Image for Ep. 21 What Good is Theology?

Ep. 21 What Good is Theology?

7/6/2022 02:07


Why is it important to know your theology? Today, we speak with Brent Finchum, who works with Word of Life Youth Ministries, about why it's important to know theology. Is it practical or just for the smart kids?

Image for Ep. 20 Rest Assured

Ep. 20 Rest Assured

6/29/2022 09:06

Care Practical

This week we talk with someone working at summer camp and discuss the importance of rest. Are you building intentional rest in your life and ministry? What even is rest? Watch, Listen, and Follow:

Image for Ep. 18 Leadership in Ministry

Ep. 18 Leadership in Ministry

6/15/2022 04:06

Communication Connection Humlity Leadership

Today, Kyle meets with Jason Lamb and Debbie Bresina, President of Dare 2 Share. We talk about what it looks like to be in leadership, especially in ministry. Debbie has some great insight in regards to her approach to leadership!

Image for Ep. 17 Ministry Partnership

Ep. 17 Ministry Partnership

6/8/2022 04:06

Communication Leadership

Today, we meet with Jason Lamb from Dare 2 Share ministries to discuss the role of partnership between ministries. Whether partnering with churches or organizations, the Gospel and discipleship are our shared mission! Mentioned Resources:

Image for Ep. 16 Reaching a Different Culture

Ep. 16 Reaching a Different Culture

6/1/2022 03:06

Connection Evangelism

Jake and Emily, who minister in Taiwan, join Josh this week to discuss what it's like to reach another culture with the Gospel. Through the conversation, we learn valuable truths about reaching any culture! Mentioned Site:

Image for Ep. 15 Preparing Lessons

Ep. 15 Preparing Lessons

5/25/2022 10:05


What is your process of preparing a lesson? We talk about the ways that we approach lesson planning in today's episode. Join the conversation on social media and tell us how you handle this important part of youth ministry!

Image for Ep. 14 Connecting with Parents

Ep. 14 Connecting with Parents

5/18/2022 02:05

Communication Connection Practical

Often times with youth ministry, we think of our ministry as only to teens and children. Is it important that we also find ways to minister and connect with their parents too? We talk about this and more in today's episode! Mentioned Resources:

Image for Ep. 13 What’s the Fun?

Ep. 13 What’s the Fun?

5/11/2022 08:05

Care Connection Practical

Why make youth ministry fun? Today, we talk about why making youth ministry fun is an essential part of reaching youth with the truth! Mentioned resources:

Image for Ep. 12 Tackling Absolute Truth

Ep. 12 Tackling Absolute Truth

5/4/2022 07:05


How do you tackle absolute truth when the culture and society around you say that truth is fluid, always evolving and changing? We ask that question in today's episode. We also take some time to say thank you to all those listening. We appreciate you being a part of this community; keep serving the Lord through youth ministry!